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Road Closure, Power Outage Scheduled During Winter Break

Dec 16, 2010

The University’s Central Energy Plant (CEP) will be shut down for annual maintenance from 7 a.m. Thursday, December 23 through Wednesday, December 29. The thermal system will be fully operational on Thursday, December 30. This shutdown was scheduled while the University is officially closed for winter break to minimize disruption to the campus. During the shutdown, all Central Energy Plant equipment, devices and systems can be safely inspected, cleaned, and maintained to ensure optimal performance. The shutdown will not affect power in any campus buildings. All or most buildings on the main Richardson campus affected by the utility outage will be locked. Exceptions include the Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL), the Waterview Science and Technology Center (WSTC), and the Research Operations Center (ROC). Please call 972.883.2222 to request a police escort, which will be required to gain building access. In the event of severe weather, the contractor will work closely with Facilities Management personnel to keep buildings above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If weather does not permit, the timing of the shutdown may be altered or called off. For more information please contact Steve Lyles, Facilities Management utilities superintendent, at 469.426.5910.


West Drive (shown to the right in picture) will be closed December 27 - January 3. Instead, take the first right off University Parkway heading south (shown to the left) to access Lot J, Activity Center, the basketball courts and baseball fields.

In addition, crews will close West Drive, one of two exit/entry points off the Roundabout. When heading north on University Parkway to the Roundabout, the circle has two points for entry/exit. The first, East Drive, goes toward parking Lot M for the School of Management; the second, West Drive, which goes to parking Lot J and the Activity Center, will be closed December 27 through January 3 due to construction. A third exit/entry is located off University Parkway, immediately south of the Roundabout. It also deposits traffic toward Lot J, the Activity Center to the north as well as the soccer fields and basketball courts to the south. Please use this “third exit” to access Lot J during the winter break. For more information, please contact Sam Eicke, assistant director for Facilities Services, at 469.387.0418.

Interdisciplinary Studies Moves to Hoblitzelle Hall; Teacher Development Center to Follow

Dec 2, 2010
Hoblitzelle Hall

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Teacher Development Center and associated programs have begun moving to Hoblitzelle Hall, their new home.

Most faculty and staff of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) have moved across campus to their new home in Karl Hoblitzelle Hall. The school formerly was located largely on the ground floor of Cecil Green Hall. The Teacher Development Center, which is part of IS, will remain in Founders North until early spring 2011. Once completed, the move will allow the school’s programs to be physically centralized, creating workflow efficiencies for staff and administration. Students also may find the centralization helpful. Those participating in the Academic Bridge Program or preparing for teacher certification while majoring in American studies, gender studies or interdisciplinary studies will now have one location for their academic needs. All phone numbers associated with the school remain the same. Those meeting with IS faculty or staff can find the new office locations by calling the staff member before traveling to Hoblitzelle.

Power Outages Set Across Campus During Thanksgiving Break

Nov 19, 2010
Central Energy Plant

The Central Energy Plant on Rutford Avenue will get some routine maintenance over the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Maintenance activities over the Thanksgiving holidays will require power interruptions in some campus buildings. The work is scheduled for Friday, November 26. The Residence Hall and campus apartments will not be affected. Crews will cut power from a key distribution point causing outages from 7:00 a.m. to noon and affecting the following buildings:

  • Founders North
  • ATC
  • Visual Arts
  • Erik Jonsson Academic Center
  • Cecil Green Hall
  • Ida & Cecil Green Center
  • Multipurpose/Administration Building
  • Dallas International School
  • North Office
  • North Lab

Students, faculty, and staff should turn off all computers and electronic equipment before leaving work stations for the Thanksgiving holiday. For safety, buildings will be secured during the outage. Only those with permission from UT Dallas Police will be given access. All service is expected to be restored within two hours of completion of the electrical work. In addition, crews will flush steam lines throughout campus, resulting in brief periods of cool and warm spots in buildings. This is normal and only lasts a few minutes. For more information, please contact Kelly Kinnard, director of Physical Plant Services, at 972.883.2549.

Steam Service Restored to Dining Hall, Activity Center, SSB and ECSS

Nov 3, 2010

Crews repaired a steam leak Wednesday, restoring heating and hot-water service to four buildings — the Dining Hall, Student Services Building, Activity Center and Engineering-Computer Science South. According to Kelly Kinnard, physical plant director, crews were able to fix the line and bring buildings back after lunch Wednesday.

Four Buildings Without Heat, Hot Water After Steam Leak Detected

Nov 3, 2010

Heating and hot-water service is out in several buildings – Engineering & Computer Science South, Dining Hall, Student Services Building and the Activity Center – after a steam leak was detected late Tuesday. Crews have assessed the steam leak, isolated it and have ordered equipment for the repair. According to Kelly Kinnard, physical plant director, crews will have a better idea this afternoon whether the fixes can be completed today or whether the repair may stretch into Thursday.

Steam, Chilled Water Service to Hoblitzelle, Conference Center Goes to New System October 25

Oct 18, 2010
Crewmen work on the steamed and chilled water utility pipes.

Crewmen work on the steamed and chilled water utility pipes near Hoblitzelle Hall last August. Next Monday, October 25, service will be switched over from the old system to a new one.

Crews will start completing the final segment of work on recently installed underground steam and chilled water pipes, cutting over the lines to Hoblitzelle Hall and the Conference Center on October 25. The utility cutover — transition of an old system to a new one — was strategically scheduled to take place this fall to minimize the impact on students, faculty and staff in the respective buildings. The project will take roughly three weeks to complete, weather permitting. For more information, please contact Steve Lyles, Facilities Management Utilities Superintendent, at 972.883.2148.

Fencing Going Up Near SSB, Dining Hall, Engineering for Lot K Construction

Oct 7, 2010
Lot K

The site of parking Lot K will be fenced in Monday, October 11. Lot K should be ready by Christmas, weather permitting.

Fencing springs up Monday, October 11, as work begins for construction of Lot K, near the Student Services Building and Dining Hall. The project site is on the east side of the Engineering-Computer Science South building and west of the Student Services Building, just south of the Dining Hall. The construction site will be fenced and safety signs posted throughout the project, which is expected to take about two months to complete. Funneled fencing will guide north-south foot traffic past the site. All pedestrians coming through the area are asked to allow extra time and be careful.

In other news: Grounds crews will be scalping the grass and overseeding in preparation for the change in seasons. Be aware of daytime sprinklers popping up and watering areas during work hours.

Bursar’s Office Among Others Moving to SSB and ROC

Oct 4, 2010
Student Services Building

The Student Services Building, an environmentally friendly facility, is gaining occupants from the top floor down.

Research and Operations Center

Next month, Internet Resources and Audit & Compliance will begin moving into the Research and Operations Center (ROC), formerly the Raytheon Building.

Departments moving into the Student Services Building this week include the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Admissions (SSB 1.300, mail stop SSB 12), the Financial Aid Office (SSB 2.300, mail stop SSB 22), the Registrar’s Office (SSB 1.400, SSB13), the Bursar’s Office (SSB 2.300, mail stop SSB 21), and Enrollment Services (SSB 1.300, mail stop SSB 11). In addition, the Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies moves from the fifth floor of the Jonsson Academic Center to the Green Center on Tuesday, October 5. Next month, many offices related to Internet Resources and Enrollment Management will be moving into the Research and Operations Center (ROC) located at Drive A and Waterview Parkway.

Path Between McDermott Library, Student Union Heads South Friday, September 24

Sep 23, 2010
Trellis and Fountain

The trellis and fountain, north of the reflecting pools and south of Founders, are landmark features of the campus enhancement.

The east-west passage just north of McDermott Library and the Student Union will be blocked off Friday, September 24, so that crews can install the remaining pavers surrounding the fountain area under the trellis. Students, faculty and staff will be able to cross the mall south of the fountain area from McDermott Library’s west doors to the Student Union’s east doors while the work is being completed.

Offices Moving to Student Services Building, September 23-24

Sep 22, 2010
Student Services Building

The Student Services Building, shown earlier this month, officially opens October 20 following dedication.

Departments students use to conduct business with UT Dallas are moving from offices around campus to the new Student Services Building (SSB) on Thursday and Friday, September 23 and 24. On September 23, Student Affairs, which includes the Office of the Vice President, the Dean of Students Office, Health Center, Counseling Center, AccessAbility, Living Learning Communities, New Student Programs, Student Volunteerism, Residential Life Director, Student Transition Programs, Housing Operations and Student Wellness Center will leave locations in the Student Union and the Administration Building for the SSB. Due to special equipment, the Health Center move will be completed Monday, September 27. On September 24, the Career Center, International Student Services, Multicultural Center and Women’s Center will move to the SSB from locations within McDermott Library. During the switch, many offices will post personnel in both old and new locations in an effort to avoid disrupting service or inconveniencing students. Most phones will be operational throughout the moves.

SSB Room Numbers and Mail Stops >

Portions of Parking Lots A, B, C and D to Close This Week as Sealing, Striping Begins

Aug 10, 2010
Parking Lot C Before

Parking Lot C Before

Parking Lot H After

Parking Lot H After

Portions of northern parking Lots A, B, C and D will close while crews repair cracks and potholes, apply sealant and re-stripe parking spaces. The work began Tuesday, August 10 and will continue through Wednesday, August 17. Earlier in the week, crews completed work on Lots H and I and replaced striping on Drive H.

Parking Lot I Set to Reopen Friday While Lot H Striping Begins

Aug 5, 2010

Lot I will be reopened Friday, August 6, after having its surface re-sealed and re-striped. Lot H remains closed, however, as crews plan to work through the weekend re-striping its surface, weather permitting. Lot D in the north part of campus will be next for sealing and striping work, which is expected to begin Monday, August 9. Citing rain chances, work scheduled to begin Friday, July 30, was delayed until Monday, August 2, which pushed back all schedules.

New Sidewalk Opens Near Lot J Between Activity Center, SOM

Aug 4, 2010
Blocked Path

The path pedestrians usually take to access the School of Management is blocked as crews prepare to fence-in the construction site for the upcoming Visitors Center and Campus Store

New Sidewalk

A new sidewalk installed just south of West Drive can get people to the destination.

Pedestrians heading to the School of Management from Lot J will use a new sidewalk on West Drive off the Roundabout to access the building. Crews are preparing to fence off the construction site for the recently approved Visitors Center and Campus Store, adversely affecting most pathways leading from the Activity Center to the Roundabout and School of Management. SOM visitors are urged to park in the southern portions of Lot J to shorten the walk to the building. Customers of the Activity Center and points north on campus are urged to park in the northern areas of Lot J.

Access to Parking Lots C, H and I Limited due to Repairs July 31, August 1

July 30, 2010
Lot H

Lots H and I will be blocked off Saturday, July 31, and Sunday, August 1, while cracks are sealed.

Lot I

Displaced students, faculty and staff are invited to park in the Conference Center parking lot on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Crews will close parking Lots H and I and block off parts of Lot C on Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1, to seal cracks and prepare for the seal coating, weather permitting. No other lots will be affected at this time. The work originally was scheduled for earlier in the week, but the threat of rain kept crews away. Displaced students, faculty or staff are invited to park in the Conference Center parking lot on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Parking Lots H and I to be Closed 2 Days Starting Tuesday, July 27

July 23, 2010
Lot H

Lots H and I will be blocked off Saturday, July 31, and Sunday, August 1, while cracks are sealed.

Lot I

Displaced students, faculty and staff are invited to park in the Conference Center parking lot on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Crews are preparing to make improvements to the University’s parking lots, starting with the closing of Lots H and I on Tuesday, July 27 and Wednesday, July 28. On those days, students, faculty and staff who normally park there will be allowed to park in the new Conference Center parking lot while crews seal cracks in the asphalt of Lots H and I. On Monday, August 2 through Friday, August 6, Lots H and I again will close, this time for the application of seal coating and restriping. Additionally in August, crack-sealing work will begin in Lots A, B, C and D. For those lots, small portions or rows will be closed intermittently for periods of about three hours. The seal coating for Lots A, B, C and D will follow at a later date.

Planned Outage Set for Engineering-Computer Science North Building Saturday

July 13, 2010
New Lot

The yet-unnamed Conference Center parking lot is now open on a first-come, first-serve basis until August.

A power outage is set 8:00 a.m. until noon on Saturday, July 17, at the Engineering-Computer Science North (ECSN) building so that crews can repair a damaged primary electrical switching gear. Engineering and Computer Science faculty and staff are urged to shut down all computers and electrical devices before leaving work Friday evening. For more information, please contact Kelly Kinnard in Facilities Management at 972.883.2549.

In other construction news:

  • Crews shut down Drive H starting on Thursday, July 15, from the intersection of Drives H and A, and about 200 feet north, to stripe lanes and paint crosswalks. As a result, Lots H and I will have to be accessed from Drive L, north of Drive A off Waterview Parkway, or from Rutford Avenue and the apartment parking lots. The work was expected to be complete in six hours, and Drive H will be re-open Friday morning.
  • Construction crews completed the parking lot adjacent to the Conference Center and free parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the very short term. The lot, which has yet to be assigned its letter designation, opens up roughly 300 spaces in a central location on campus. By fall it will convert to color-coded parking, with a large percentage of green spaces devoted to students, faculty and staff, according to Parking and Transportation Services Manager Nancy Branch. The lot is the first in a series of lot improvements set to take place throughout the year.
  • Fencing that surrounds the Founders Building was removed Tuesday, July 13, improving access and maneuverability around the area. Fencing surrounding the Math, Science and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET) is scheduled to come down later this month.

Northbound Lane of Rutford Near MSET to Close All Day Thursday

June 9, 2010
Van Veers Left

A Facilities Management van traveling north on Rutford veers left to avoid the site where crews will complete work started last month in front of MSET.

Crews will re-bore a hole into Rutford Avenue at 7:00 a.m., Thursday, June 10, to complete the natural gas line tie-ins for the Math, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET). This continues and completes the work started last month. Pedestrians should exercise caution. About 60 feet of the northbound lane just south of the MSET job site entrance will be blocked. The northbound lane of Rutford will be closed from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Multipurpose/Administration Building’s North Entrance Closed for Improvements

May 20, 2010
Water-Cooled Power Circular Saw

A water-cooled power circular saw cuts the aggregate sidewalk next to the Multipurpose/Administration Building into pieces Thursday, May 20. Lot R can be seen to the right in the background.

Northern access to the Multipurpose/Administration Building is barred as crews demolish and remove the aggregate and concrete sidewalks leading up to the building. Those parking in Lot R, reserved for the President, his Cabinet members and special guests to the University, either will have to walk around or park closer to the southern entrance of MP/AD to reach their offices. The sidewalk and patio area on the north side will be replaced with a canopy-covered, patio-style entrance. The work may get noisy at times, but it is scheduled for completion June 2. Concrete walking paths from Lots A and R with access ramps and railings were installed last August.

North-South Path Near Activity Center Closed For Bookstore Plumbing Project

May 17, 2010
Fenced-In North-South Path Next to Activity Center

Pedestrians found the north-south path next to the Activity Center fenced-in and off limits Monday, May 17. Crews are placing equipment and pipes in the area for a Bookstore plumbing project.

Construction crews closed the north-south pedestrian route east of the Activity Center on Monday, May 17, to begin work installing water and sewer lines for the Bookstore. The passage that led to Lot J, entry circle and the School of Management will not reopen. A north-south sidewalk running from entry circle through the heart of the Campus Landscape Enhancement Project will open once the project is completed. To travel north or south, students, faculty, staff and visitors will either go through the Activity Center or around the west side of the building. Both routes are accessible. In addition, all emergency exits from the Activity Center will be available for evacuations.

Pipe Replacement Work Takes Out Slew of Lot H Parking Spaces

May 17, 2010
Lot H

About three dozen parking spaces in Lot H were lost to the steam and chilled-water piping project Monday, May 17.

Crews started a project to replace steam and chilled water piping that stretches west of Hoblitzelle Hall from Conference Center, extending further west into Lot H near the temporary classroom buildings, to the Central Energy Plant. It’s a massive project that will be completed in phases and is expected to take several weeks. Fencing surrounds key work areas primarily west of Hoblitzelle and around several parking spaces in the eastern portion of Lot H. The project involves trenching, removal of old pipes, and the placement of new ones.

Drive H Closing Three Weeks for Repaving Project Starting Monday, May 17

May 13, 2010
Drive H

Drive H, a key north-south thoroughfare, was ripped apart Sunday, May 23, in preparation for its repavement.

Drive H, a key north-south artery that features green vinyl striping to lead drivers through parking Lots H and I toward Rutford Avenue, will be rehabilitated beginning on Monday, May 17, weather permitting. The street will be off limits to vehicular traffic for three weeks while repaving work is performed. With north-south vehicular traffic on Rutford Avenue already restricted, Waterview Parkway becomes the main north-south thoroughfare during the time Drive H is out of commission. Students living in Phases 5 and 6 of the Waterview Apartments will have to enter residential parking lots from Drives A in the south and L in the north until Drive H reopens. Students, faculty and staff who are coming from Synergy Park Boulevard near NSERL and heading south on Rutford can turn right heading west into the University Village parking lot and follow the green striping until it connects with Lot H. Lot I will be closed. Pedestrians who plan to travel on sidewalks near Drive H, which will remain open, are urged to exercise caution.

Rutford Avenue Narrows to One Lane As Crews Tie-in MSET Gas Lines

May 6, 2010
MSET Building

Crews will bore a hole into Rutford Avenue to tie-in natural gas lines for the MSET building. Pedestrians should exercise caution.

Rutford Avenue narrows to one lane Thursday, May 6, so that crews can tie in natural gas lines for the Math, Science and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET). Crews will bore a hole in the northbound lane of Rutford and go underground just south of MSET to add the lines. Rutford will be coned off and flagmen will direct vehicle traffic. The work is expected to take a day. To avoid delays traveling north on campus from Drive A, follow the green vinyl striping west to Drive H, which runs parallel to Rutford. Drive H and the green stripe lead drivers north and through the student apartment parking Lot H. Follow the green vinyl striping through the parking lot, which deposits drivers on Rutford Avenue near the Residence Hall and north of the obstruction. Travelers can continue north to Synergy Park Boulevard.

Campus Beautification Project Heads South to Campbell Road, Main Entrance

April 28, 2010
Entrance to The University of Texas at Dallas

Stripped of its bronze UT Dallas badging and floodlights, the entrance to The University of Texas at Dallas is about to undergo a dramatic transformation.

The Campus Landscape Enhancement Plan has made its way south to Campbell Road as crews prepare to transform the main entrance to The University of Texas at Dallas. Peter Walker and Partners, the landscape architectural firm hired to enhance the campus, calls for the University’s parkway entrance to feature a semi-circular stand of large oak trees with a UT Dallas sign placed prominently in the center median. The bronze badging, floodlights and walls on either side of University Parkway, with their attendant flower beds, have been or will be removed ahead of the update. In addition, earthmovers are grading land on the southernmost part of campus in preparation for the planting of hedge rows, which will run perpendicular to Campbell from Waterview Parkway east to Floyd Road.

In other construction news:

Plastic orange fencing will surround the area near Classroom Buildings 1, 2, and 3 as well as AH 1 and 2 as crews complete projects in the vicinity. Paved pathways will remain open and students and faculty will continue to have access to the buildings.

Access Ramp Near Founders, University Theatre Goes Away Tax Day

April 14, 2010
Accessibility Ramp Near University Theatre

Contractors will take down the accessibility ramp near University Theatre and Founders North on Thursday, April 15.

The temporary accessibility ramp between University Theatre and the north side of Founders will go away on Thursday, April 15. With last week’s opening of the east-west passage on Founders’ south side leading through the Campus Landscape Enhancement Project, people using wheelchairs or other assistive technologies can move up or down the grade to get around campus, negating the need to rent the portable ramp. Crews expect its dismantling to take a couple of hours. Pedestrians are urged to exercise caution in the area due to heavy equipment and increased activity.

NSERL to Shut Down This Weekend, April 16-18

April 14, 2010
NSERL Closes for Maintenance

NSERL will be closed for maintenance and repairs 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 16 until late Sunday, April 18.

Due to scheduled interior construction projects, the Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL) will be closed this weekend, starting at 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 16 and through Sunday evening, April 18.

Path Between MSET, Founders North Reopened to Pedestrians

April 13, 2010
Path Between Founders North and MSET

Crews placed concrete between Founders North and MSET on April 1 and reopened the pathway Monday, April 12.

The north-south passage between the Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET [Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center] ) and Founders North was reopened Monday, April 12. The concrete placement of April 1 was successful, and crews have finished detailing the hardscape — concrete, stone and brickwork — around MSET, allowing students, faculty and staff to walk through the area.

Campus’ Main East-West Path Reopens Tuesday, April 6

April 5, 2010

The ramp (far right, next to black pipes) for people coming from north campus (MP/AD, Green, Jonsson) will deposit them onto the path heading east to McDermott or west toward the Student Union.

Campus Landscape Enhancement

The Campus Landscape Enhancement opens to foot traffic just north of the fountain and circular trellis opening Tuesday, April 6.

The fence separating the Student Union from the Founders renovation will be pushed closer to the Founders Building on Tuesday, April 6, re-establishing an east-west path that stretches from Rutford Avenue in the west to beyond the north entrance to McDermott Library in the east. Students, faculty and staff will be able to walk through the Campus Landscape Enhancement Project under the trellis just north of the fountain. However, pedestrians will not be allowed to enter the Student Union from its west doors or McDermott from its east doors. The north entrances to both buildings will remain the access points until further notice. Also, the north fence near the trellis and Founders’ east face will come down to allow access to the east-west path from the north campus. In addition, the landscape enhancement’s southern route that carried traffic past construction and around the library will come down to allow crews to finish work in that area.

Concrete Placement Near MSET Scheduled for Wee Hours Thursday, April 1

March 31, 2010
Concrete Between Founders North and MSET

No foolin’! Crews placed concrete between Founders North and MSET from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., Thursday, April 1.

A concrete placement for the landscape surrounding the Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET [Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center] ) is scheduled from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Thursday, April 1. Freshman in the Residence Hall may hear construction noise during that time. Every effort is being made to minimize disruptions. One truck will be parked near the entrance to Erik Jonsson Academic Center (JO) to pump in the concrete. Several concrete mixer transports are scheduled to travel back and forth along Drive D to help with the task. Anyone traveling through the area during the early morning hours Thursday is urged to exercise caution.

Power Outage to North Campus Set Saturday, March 27; Trees Moving

March 24, 2010
Administration Building

A power outage scheduled Saturday, March 27, will affect the Multipurpose/Administration Building and other north campus locations.

An electric power outage is scheduled to take place on the UT Dallas campus Saturday, March 27, from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. in order for construction crews to complete the U Teach Project. The following buildings will be affected:

  • Arts and Technology Building (ATC)
  • Visual Arts Building (AS)
  • Founders North (FN)
  • Jonsson Academic Center (JO)
  • Ida Green Center (GC)
  • Cecil Green Hall (GR)
  • Administration Building (AD)
  • Dallas International School (DIS)
  • North Office Building (NB)
  • North Lab (NL)

Students, faculty, and staff should turn off all computers and electronic equipment before leaving work stations Friday, March 26. Shutting down equipment reduces the odds of complications. For safety, buildings will be secured during the outage. Only those with permission from UT Dallas Police will be given access. Emergency generators will support critical loads. All service is expected to be restored within an hour of completion of the electrical work. For more information, please contact Kelly Kinnard, director of Physical Plant Services, at 972.883.2549.

Also, trees in the center median of University Parkway are continuing to be moved north to other parts of campus, but traffic delays still are expected to be minimal.

Sidewalk Install on Drive A Near Waterview; Library Landscape Improves; Trees on the Move

March 17, 2010
Construction Markers

Construction markers stand as placeholders for a sidewalk to be installed starting Thursday, March 18.

Crews will begin work Thursday, March 18, to install a sidewalk on the north side of Drive A extending west from the Waterview Apartments to Waterview Parkway. The installation is expected to take two weeks and traffic disruptions should be minimal.

Landscaping crews are making improvements to the north side of McDermott Library. Access through the area will remain open, but pedestrians are urged to exercise caution as heavy equipment may move in and out of the area in front of the library.

Some trees in the center median of University Parkway will be moved north to be transplanted in other parts of campus starting Thursday, March 18. Traffic delays are expected to be minimal.

Path Between Founders North, MSET to Close for Spring Break, Re-open Three Weeks Later

March 4, 2010
Work crews started extending the hardscape.

Work crews started extending the hardscape between Founders North’s Science and Engineering Education Center (SEEC [Science and Engineering Education Center] ) and the upcoming Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET [Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center] ) during spring break and should finish about the first week in April, weather permitting.

The north-south passage between Founders North (FN) and the Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET [Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center] ) will be closed beginning on Friday, March 12, and shall remain off limits for about three weeks as contractors complete the hardscape – concrete, stone and brickwork – around MSET. Facilities Management crews already have placed new paths that skirt Jonsson Academic Center (PNG [Portable Network Graphics Image File] , 1.1MB) and lead to an alternative entrance at Founders North’s east dock. (PNG [Portable Network Graphics Image File] , 1.1MB) Students, faculty and staff can enter the building there and walk straight through (PNG [Portable Network Graphics Image File] , 1.1MB) past Kusch Auditorium to the south exit and pick up the wooden ramp west until it meets the north-south path between the Founders Building (FO) and Founders Annex to access the Student Union, Engineering and Computer Science North (ECSN), Lloyd V. Berkner Hall (BE) or the Activity Center (AB). Likewise, going east leads to University Theatre, Green Hall, Green Center, McDermott Library and the Multipupose/Administration Buildings. Further west, students coming from the University Village and the Residence Hall can simply use Rutford Avenue for north-south travel.

In addition:

  • Crews will tie in the steam lines for the Student Services Building beginning March 12. As a result, steam will not be available at neither the Engineering & Computer Science South nor the Activity Center. No other buildings will be affected. Steam service will be back by the end of the day Sunday, March 14.
  • The west entrance and elevator to Founders will be closed 5:00 p.m. March 12. Access to the Founders elevator, when necessary, can only occur from the sky bridge serving Founders and Founders Annex. The west doors and elevator return to service about three weeks later, weather permitting.

Conference Center Loading Dock Access Barred for Next 3 Months

February 25, 2010

Access from parking Lot I to the Conference Center’s loading dock will be blocked for three months, weather permitting, starting Monday, March 1. The access restriction is needed during the construction of the parking lot west of the Alexander Clark Center. The loading dock is set to re-open before June 1. For more information, contact Nick Argueta, Facilities Management Project Manager, at 972.883.6834.

Dirt Flies as NSERL Getting Process Water Chiller System Installed

February 17, 2010
Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory

The Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL) is getting a process water chiller system.

Crews are digging up the grounds in front of the Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL) in order to install a process air-cooled water chiller system. Contractors estimate that three to five parking spaces in front of NSERL may be taken out of service intermittently during the installation. The project is expected to be completed in four months, weather permitting, and should not significantly interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Crews to Begin Constructing Parking Lot West of Conference Center

February 10, 2010
New Lot

Construction of a new lot west of Conference Center will add 308 parking spaces to campus.

Construction will begin this month on a new parking lot west of the Alexander Clark Center along Drive A. The lot will add 308 parking spaces on the UT Dallas campus. The project, which includes clearing 2.5 acres of grass, relocating trees, excavation, installing an irrigation system, creating curbs, gutters and driveways, in addition to setting asphalt and paving it, is estimated to take four months to complete, weather permitting. Signs and barricades will be posted around the construction site. Drivers and pedestrians are asked to allow for extra time and be cautious when traveling near the site.

Bus Shelter Installations Along Drive A, Rutford to Start Monday, January 18

January 15, 2010
Bus Shelter Installations

New bus shelters were installed along Rutford Avenue during the first week of March.

Crews for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) are to begin installing bus shelters for Route 883 on campus Monday, January 18. DART is providing shelters for Comet Cruiser bus stops on campus along Drive A and Rutford Avenue. The initial phase involves preparing the supporting structures for the shelters at each site and is scheduled to take five or six days. Starting with stops at the intersection of Drives A and H, the work will progress east along Drive A and then head north along Rutford. Crews will work two or three sites at a time to minimize traffic disruptions. Drivers may encounter construction equipment and vehicles on streets, and pedestrians may want to avoid sidewalks where crews are working. For more information, please contact Kelly Kinnard, director of Physical Plant Services, at 972.883.2549.

Crews Place Concrete for Sidewalk North of McDermott Library

January 12, 2010

Crews poured concrete Tuesday to re-form the sidewalk in front of McDermott Library. Another concrete placement is scheduled for Wednesday morning. Concrete should take a few hours to set and will not be harmed by rain, which is forecast on Thursday. For more information, please contact Kelly Kinnard, director of Physical Plant Services, at 972.883.2549.

Part of Founders’ Third Floor to Close for Tile Work, January 9-10

January 8, 2010

Part of the third floor of Founders Hall (FO), near where it connects with Founders North (FN), will be closed starting at 6:00 a.m. Saturday, January 9, to allow construction workers to install new floor tile in the center main hallway. During this time, access to Founders will be limited to an approach from the Founders Annex elevated walkway. Founders hallway should be reopened Sunday morning, January 10. For more information, please contact Bill Elvey, director of Engineering, Construction and Planning for Facilities Management, at 972.883.2124.

Doors at Northeast Corner of Berkner Reopening Wednesday, January 6

January 5, 2010

The northeast doors of Lloyd V. Berkner Hall (BE) will reopen tomorrow, Wednesday, January 6. The doors have been closed since November 30 so crews could install a new sidewalk, ramp and planters between Berkner and the Math, Science and Engineering Teaching-Learning Center (MSET).